What Traits To Look For In The Best Industry Standard Server

A combination of essential characteristics found in the top industry-standard servers ensures great performance, dependability, and compatibility for a variety of business applications.

Here are some crucial qualities to take into account when looking for HPE ProLiant ML110 Gen10.


Strong Processors – For optimum performance, industry-standard servers frequently have the newest AMD or Intel processors with many cores.

Ample RAM is necessary for multitasking, operating apps, and managing data-intensive operations.

Fast Storage – To reduce latency and accelerate data access times, servers should be equipped with quick and dependable storage options, such as SSDs or NVMe drives.

Redundancy And Dependability

The finest servers contain redundant fans, cooling systems, and power supply to reduce downtime in the event of hardware breakdowns.

Error-correcting code (ECC) memory aids in the detection and correction of memory mistakes, hence improving system stability.

Support for RAID – RAID configurations increase fault tolerance and data redundancy, lowering the chance of data loss.


Expandable Hardware – Industry-standard servers may easily increase resources as your organisation expands since they are built to accept hardware upgrades.

PCIe Slots – You may add more parts like GPUs, network adapters, and storage controllers using the available PCIe expansion slots.

Remote Management

Out-of-Band Management – Remote management interfaces, such Intelligent Platform Management Interface (IPMI) or iDRAC (Dell Remote Access Controller), allow administrators to monitor and administer servers remotely, even if the primary OS is not working.


Hardware-based encryption and the Trusted Platform Module (TPM) are two security features that assist protect data and improve server integrity.

Secure boot and BIOS/UEFI password security guard the server’s firmware from unauthorized access.


Energy Efficiency – Servers that adhere to energy efficiency guidelines like ENERGY STAR assist cut down on power use and operating expenses.

Effective Cooling – The right cooling systems and designs save servers from overheating and preserve peak performance.

Support And Warranties

Complete Warranties – Seek out servers with strong warranties that include hardware replacement and support.

Support from the seller – Reputable vendors provides prompt technical assistance to handle any problems that may occur.

Simple Administration And Configuration

User-Friendly Interfaces – Setting up, monitoring, and maintaining servers is made easier with servers that have user-friendly administration interfaces.

Toolkits – A few servers come with management toolkits that speed up deployment and configuration.

Choices For Customization

The finest servers provide you a variety of configuration choices so you may customize the hardware to meet your unique needs.

Final Thoughts

Consider your company’s demands, the apps you’ll be running, and the anticipated workload when comparing industry-standard servers. Look for a server that offers your company the ideal combination of performance, dependability, scalability, and cost-effectiveness.